Weekly Notes – August 25, 2013

A not so ordinary Monday in the office quickly takes the author outside for a week’s worth of nature observation.

Weekly Notes, June 23, 2013

Butterflies, Treefrogs, Fawns and more in this week’s Maine Nature News.

If You Care, Leave Them There

Thanks to Emily MacCabe at Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for this information. Below is information that should help everyone live harmoniously with wildlife, including fawns, moose, Piping Plovers and others. We encourage people to follow these steps for the protection of themselves and wildlife – and to appreciate wildlife and their behaviors from afar. This […]

Fawn Hit by Car – Brunswick (Map 6)

This fawn was struck by a car traveling in front of me on Greenwood Rd. in Brunswick on Wednesday morning Aug. 31. There has been a doe with 3 fawns hanging out in the area over the past few weeks so I would guess this was one of them. For a while it laid in the middle […]