Tracks in the old log yard

March is my favorite month, the warm days hint of spring but the nights are still cold enough to hold the snow cover just a bit longer.

Weekly Notes – October 27, 2013

Moose sparing, live fish netting and state-wide frost are this week’s nature news and in public policy news links to public comments on Open Pit Mining regulations.

Weekly Notes – October 6, 2013

Moose use an old skidder path for bedding and browse area. The achene of Bristly Buttercups hitch a ride on the author’s pantleg and doll’s eyes are silently keeping watch in the woods, all this and more in this weeks notes.

Weekly Notes – May 19, 2013

Moose are on the move, migrants are settling into their summer habitats, the black fly report and fiddleheads in this week’s Maine Nature News!

A Young Bull Moose

Around 9:45 this morning, while picking the last of the corn in the garden, I heard excited voices from what sounded like a nearby dirt road. I couldn’t understand them but the excitement was unmistakable. I grabbed my camera, pen and paper and jumped in the truck in search of successful hunters. I drove half […]

Quoddy Nature Notes – Baxter versus Quoddy

My first visit to Baxter State Park was in 1965, when I camped with some friends at Chimney Pond and spent one day making the loop up to the peak by the Cathedral Trail, over the Knife Edge and back, and another day working with the staff in an unsuccessful search for some lost campers.  […]

Livermore Falls (Map 11) Moose and Deer

My parents and I saw a young yearling moose crossing route 106 down in East Livermore a few days back. We also saw a mother deer and I was quite amazed at how many deer I have seen already this year! The yearling was the 8th deer I have seen so far! Just figured you […]

Size Comparison Between Moose and Deer Tracks

I’m unsure of the age and size of the moose that made the track except that it’s too small to be a mature bull. The deer track is too large to be a fawn but isn’t from a mature deer.  

Robin’s Journal – A Dirt Road, a Mole and Moose

The sun was out yesterday morning. I swear I could hear the dirt roads calling. “Come out for a ride. You know you want to.” I filled the CamelBak with cold water and lime slices, got the bag of almonds to munch on and grabbed the camera. I went to Democrat Ridge first, discovered wet […]

Robin’s Journal – From the Observation Stand

Finally, time to sit quietly and go through my notes of the third day at Molunkus Stream Camps. Monday, August 16, 2011 Molunkus (Map 44) We didn’t want to leave camp and avoided talking about it. After another leisurely morning sipping coffee on the porch steps, watching ducks in the stream, we headed out to […]