Weekly Notes – May 26, 2013

Common yellowthroat, greater yellowlegs, cedar apple rust, garlic mustard and injured animal concerns in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Have You Seen Bats?

I’ve been comparing notes on bats with a reader in Boothbay. We’ve each seen one bat this year. Have you noticed a decline in the bat population in your area? I normally see them catching bugs when I leave the porch light on and just above the surface of the pond. The bat I saw […]

Please Don’t Rescue The Fawns

If you find young wildlife you think needs to be rescued, please don’t take matters into your own hands. Please call for help.  To reach a game warden 24-hours a day, please contact the dispatch at the regional communication center nearest you at one of the numbers below. Regional Communication Center (Gray)  1-800-228-0857 Regional Communication […]

If You Care, Leave Them There

Thanks to Emily MacCabe at Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for this information. Below is information that should help everyone live harmoniously with wildlife, including fawns, moose, Piping Plovers and others. We encourage people to follow these steps for the protection of themselves and wildlife – and to appreciate wildlife and their behaviors from afar. This […]