Fawn Hit by Car – Brunswick (Map 6)

This fawn was struck by a car traveling in front of me on Greenwood Rd. in Brunswick on Wednesday morning Aug. 31. There has been a doe with 3 fawns hanging out in the area over the past few weeks so I would guess this was one of them. For a while it laid in the middle of the road then got up and crawled to the shoulder of the road and then layed downed in the bushes just to the side of the road. Brunswick PD arrived and were going to put the deer down even though I told them it was acting better over time. They just said thats what they do with deer that are hit by cars but before they was able to do that the young fawn got up and crossed the road and started to walk down the side of the road. Not wanting the fawn to get hit again I now found myself walking down the road with a deer at my side much like you would take a dog for a walk. I figured the best thing to do was try and get the deer into the  nearby field and drive it towards the woods line about 100 yards away. So for the next 30 minutes with a stick in hand I walked this deer through the field till it got to the woods. The deer took several breaks along the way to rest but you could clearly see it was getting much better as time went on. The rest beaks did though allow me to eat some of the ripe blueberries that were growing in the field. At one point we were even running together in the field. When we reached the woods the fawn laid down again at which time I left it behind. Let’s hope it can reunite with it mother and siblings. SY


  1. It’s nice to hear a sad story end so well.