Winter Deer Yards

The stark beauty of winter often reveals the harsh existence of this gentle creature in its role in the food chain to transfer energy from the herbivores to the carnivores in winter deer yards.

Weekly Notes – September 8, 2013

Naturalized apple trees growing along an abandoned field edge provide abundant wildlife observation in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes – August 25, 2013

A not so ordinary Monday in the office quickly takes the author outside for a week’s worth of nature observation.

Weekly Notes, June 23, 2013

Butterflies, Treefrogs, Fawns and more in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Livermore Falls (Map 11) Moose and Deer

My parents and I saw a young yearling moose crossing route 106 down in East Livermore a few days back. We also saw a mother deer and I was quite amazed at how many deer I have seen already this year! The yearling was the 8th deer I have seen so far! Just figured you […]

Size Comparison Between Moose and Deer Tracks

I’m unsure of the age and size of the moose that made the track except that it’s too small to be a mature bull. The deer track is too large to be a fawn but isn’t from a mature deer.  

Robin’s Journal – From the Observation Stand

Finally, time to sit quietly and go through my notes of the third day at Molunkus Stream Camps. Monday, August 16, 2011 Molunkus (Map 44) We didn’t want to leave camp and avoided talking about it. After another leisurely morning sipping coffee on the porch steps, watching ducks in the stream, we headed out to […]

Fawn Hit by Car – Brunswick (Map 6)

This fawn was struck by a car traveling in front of me on Greenwood Rd. in Brunswick on Wednesday morning Aug. 31. There has been a doe with 3 fawns hanging out in the area over the past few weeks so I would guess this was one of them. For a while it laid in the middle […]

Robin’s Journal – From the Observation Stand

Sunday, August 14, 2011 Molunkus (Map 44) The power in the cabin comes from a generator in a nearby shed. It’s loud and disruptive; I don’t like to run it except to run the water and lights at night. The percolator glub-glubbed on the propane stove while we sat on the porch steps in silence. […]

Talmadge (Map 45), Ash Trees and more

The ash trees here are holding their leaves 10 days to date later than previous years. Their colors are not the normal shades of yellow they’ve been for the 13 years I’ve lived here. This year the trees are still 70% covered and the colors range from light shades of yellow to burnt orange to […]