Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox is Mother Nature’s way of keeping time, balancing the forces of cold and dark with warmth and light.

Weekly Notes ~ Record Cold

February saw record cold temperatures and significant snowfall across much of the State of Maine, now we can enjoy the snow-melt into spring.

Weekly Notes ~ Twilight

Twilight, that time between night and day when the sun is below the horizon.

Question 6 on Water Quality

Maine voters will be faced with a decision on Water Quality on Question 6.

Maine Conservation Corps ~ Volunteer Maine

Opportunities and Events at Volunteer Maine

Maine Conservation Corps ~ Opportunities

Ways to Volunteer

Weekly Notes ~ Bird Language

Nature’s creatures pushing forward as the ice and snow lingers in the north, blood moon and bird language hints at spring.

White Pine Programs ~ Tracking Apprenticeship

White Pine Programs is accepting applications for the 2014-2015 Tracking Apprenticeship.

White Pine Programs ~ Bird Language Intensive

White Pine Program offers Bird Language Intensive 2014

White Pine Programs ~ What the Robin Knows

Have you ever wondered what the Robin knows? Read the wonderful essay by guest Gavin Van Horn from the Center for Humans and Nature.