Bobcat Feeds on Deer Carcass

My wife Pamela has been patiently sitting in her photo blind for hours and hours over the past 6 weeks through cold and snow waiting for a bobcat to show up at a site near a deer carcass. Well, this morning the cat finally visited her site! At one point, the cat was within 10 […]

Talmadge (Map 45) Bobcat

I looked up from my work this evening just in time to see a bobcat stroll past the window and out the driveway. We’ve seen bobcat tracks in the woods behind the house recently, usually following rabbits.

Molunkus and Wytopitlock (Map 44)

We had a great ride home after visiting friends at their camp. A barred owl sat in the middle of the road dining on what I think was a mouse in Molunkus. In Wytopitlock, a small bobcat crossed the road in front of us, zig zagged as a rabbit does and finally went into the […]