Loons, Puffins & Bicknell Thrush

Maine is also home to birds found only in specialized habitats such as the Loon, Atlantic Puffin and of high conservation concern, the Bicknell’s Thrush.

The Loon depends on large bodies of fresh water where it feeds on fish and uses a large surface area when taking off in flight.  It’s beautifully haunting calls are a familiar echo across Maine’s inland Lakes on summer nights.  In winter when the lakes freeze, Loons migrate to the Atlantic Ocean where they can be seen along coastal waters.  Information on Loons can be found here….. http://maineaudubon.org/wildlife-habitat/the-maine-loon-project/

Another unusual bird is the Atlantic Puffin, found in colonies on offshore islands in the Downeast area.  Like Loons, they dive for Fish and Invertebrates but unlike loons, they live their entire lives in Salt Water.  Information on Puffins can be found here….. http://projectpuffin.audubon.org/conservation-efforts

The Bicknell Thrush is very rare and not usually listed in common field guides.  Like the Loon and Puffin, it too has specialized habitat needs.  This bird lives in marginal areas such as mountaintop scrub growth that is limited or disturbed by natural forces like temperature and wind and can also be found in regenerative growth areas that provides habitat similar to natural disturbances.  More information about the Bicknell Thrush can be found here…..    http://www.mpbn.net/quest/bicknells-thrush.shtml