Weekly Notes – April 28, 2013

Cowslips, Hummingbirds, salamanders and snakes all make an appearance. New categories are added offering Volunteer & Events and a discussion on Public Policy in this weeks Maine Nature News.

Request: Where would you go?

I am hoping you could answer a couple of questions. I am traveling with my two daughters, ages 11 and 14. We are from MA and would like to go North to Maine to see Moose and other wildlife in their natural habitat. Can you tell me a good place to go? I looked online […]

Caterpillar Identication

I found this critter in Calais on an old RR track munching on a Balsam poplar. Can’t find it in any of my bug books. Any suggestions? Cheers, FG

Bird ID Please

Hello, I have a question I hope you can help me with. I heard a bird call outside my window that sounded like it was coming from a nearby pine tree. The sound was like a large drop of water immediately followed by a high pitched very short whistle. I never did get a look […]

Name That Beach Blob!

What is this? On our beach walk we kept seeing these small gelatinous things in the muck and tide pools. Please leave your answers in the comment section or mail them to Robin.

What’s Eating The Pumpkins?

Last fall’s cornstalks, pumpkins and squash were loaded into the tractor’s bucket and hauled off to the edge of the woods. I’ve been waiting to see what might grow this summer. Yesterday afternoon I discovered this 2.5″ hole through the snow, into the pile. Something has been enjoying the pumpkins, probably the seeds. I suspect […]

What’s This?

Do you know what this is? Hint: It’s a growth on a balsam tree.

Skowhegan (Map 21)

I am sending a photo of a mushroom I saw this morning. I have seen it once or twice in the past. The color is so unusual…..Also saw a large flock of crows—–maybe 75 or 100—while I was out. They were calling loudly to let me know of their passing. Perhaps they are telling us […]

Night Peeping

Does anyone know what it is that peeps during the night and day at this time of the year? It is a monotone and sometimes goes on for hours. It seems to move from one place to another quickly. I hear it here in Bowdoin and up at my cabin near Jackman…would love to solve […]

What Happened Here?

What happened here? More detail might help. A partridge/ruffed grouse had a dirt bath on the edge of a dirt road.