Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Apples

A brief history of the wild apple that may not be so wild after all.

Winter Deer Yards

The stark beauty of winter often reveals the harsh existence of this gentle creature in its role in the food chain to transfer energy from the herbivores to the carnivores in winter deer yards.

Weekly Notes – November 9, 2013 Common Merganser

Common Mergansers, mysteries and nature’s clues in this weeks notes.

Weekly Notes – November 3, 2013

This week in Maine Nature News the season’s first snow, black bears are still active, woodpecker sightings and its the season for ‘tipping’?.

Weekly Notes – September 29, 2013

Red, Sugar, Mountain, Moose. Maple leaves are turning color, can you I.D all seven species found in Maine? Also see a satellite photo of night time light in Maine and all of Norther NE.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Ready for Winter?

Quoddy Nature Notes – Ready for Winter?

Weekly Notes – September 8, 2013

Naturalized apple trees growing along an abandoned field edge provide abundant wildlife observation in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Juniper

Juniper                 Juniper, Juniperus communis, is a neat little plant we have growing here in the Quoddy region.  As a matter of fact, it has the largest range of any woody plant in the world, ranging across most of the Northern Hemisphere.  With that big of a range one would think there would be many […]

Weekly Notes, August 11, 2013

Blueberries, Goldeneyes, Perseid Meteor showers, Emerald Ash Borer and Hail in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Quoddy Nature Notes

Hemlock murmurs from Socrates to Pennsylvania.