Embden (Map 20)

We have had a Red Bellied Woodpecker come to our suet on and off all winter. We were excited as we didn’t think they came this far north. He is very shy so we have to be careful not to make a sudden move while watching out the sliding door. Now we worry that he […]

What’s Eating The Pumpkins?

Last fall’s cornstalks, pumpkins and squash were loaded into the tractor’s bucket and hauled off to the edge of the woods. I’ve been waiting to see what might grow this summer. Yesterday afternoon I discovered this 2.5″ hole through the snow, into the pile. Something has been enjoying the pumpkins, probably the seeds. I suspect […]

Northern Flying Squirrel

This essay was originally published in February, 2007. A thank you to Fred Gralenski, the author, came in today. I think it’s well worth repeating. The email is at the bottom. Flying Squirrels by Frederick Gralenski Flying squirrels are a cute but mysterious critter that we have here in the Quoddy region.  They are quite […]

Porcupine Damage (Map 44)

A porcupine, or maybe more than one, has been very busy over a period of two weeks. Their teeth grow and have to be kept at a proper length by chewing to prevent overgrowth. Overgrown teeth can cause starvation.

Robin’s Journal – From the Observation Stand

Saturday, August 13, 2011 Molunkus Stream, Molunkus Ten miles out a dirt road, past the beaver lodge, behind a gate, around many corners and up and down hills, sits an observation deck on the edge of five acre field. It’s not the only place to sit and quietly observe, mostly unnoticed, but it’s my favorite. […]

Saco (Map 3) Mating Season

It’s mating season for gray squirrels.