Porcupines, fascinating curiosities and decided nuisances of the second largest rodent in North America.

Weekly Notes March 3, 2013

Hoarfrost, horned larks and horned grebes, Maquan and fisher tracks, but not necessarily in that order in this weeks Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes February 24, 2013

Winter Beaver lodges, porcupine trails and ice jams lead up to Monday’s full moon at Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes, February 17, 2013

Northern Hawk Owl, Winter Survival and a history lesson in this weeks Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes February 3, 2013

Moose horns and Big Brown Bats in the news this week along with extreme temperatures and wind gusts all in a day in Maine.

January 20, 2013 Weekly Nature News

Highlight of the week was in Woodland Dma&g Map 64  – when Harry McCarthy observed 4 lynx in his yard.  Lynx sightings are increasing due to a healthy population in Northern Maine and these handsome wild cats are not as shy as their smaller cousins, the Bobcat found elsewhere throughout the state.  Read more here….  […]

January 12, 2013 Weekly Nature News

January 12, 2013               Weekly News Storm systems have been quiet since the New Year, however in typical New England style the temperatures have gone from frigid cold to moderately above freezing and light rain across a large portion of the state predicted through the next couple of days.  Snow pack is settling making for good […]

Beavers – Waite (Map 45)

It was late Saturday afternoon. The sun was below the tree line and in spite of hunting for two hours, we hadn’t seen a partridge yet. We crested the rise and looked down at a mound of dirt blocking the road. On the other side, the road had washed out. Beavers flooded the area long ago. It wasn’t partridge to add to the bean pot but at least we saw something. We watched two large beavers for a few minutes before heading home.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Baxter versus Quoddy

My first visit to Baxter State Park was in 1965, when I camped with some friends at Chimney Pond and spent one day making the loop up to the peak by the Cathedral Trail, over the Knife Edge and back, and another day working with the staff in an unsuccessful search for some lost campers.  […]

Little Brown Bat – Talmadge (Map 45)

My morning started with the aftermath of a raccoon killing one of my ducks and tipping over a trash can. I walked into the dining room at 4:50 am, not very bright in the house yet, and thought “that’s a big moth…little bat.” At least it was the bat that came in the screen I […]