Black Bears Among Us

Black bears are often near but a glimpse might be all we get or if we’re lucky, a track. They are adapted to survive and thrive throughout Maine.

Weekly Notes ~ Bear Cub

Dawn Brown from Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation documents the development of three yearling bear cubs ready to return to the wild.

Weekly Notes – November 3, 2013

This week in Maine Nature News the season’s first snow, black bears are still active, woodpecker sightings and its the season for ‘tipping’?.

Weekly Notes – April 21, 2013

Honey bees, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Ice-out, a visit to the Maine Wildlife Park and Nature Journals in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes March 17, 2013

Learn what the vernal equinox and magnetic declination have in common. Loons are waiting for ice-out, woodcocks are arriving and maple syrup is boiling while bear cubs are placed in surrogate dens. It is a time to reflect on this and more in this week’s Maine Nature Notes.

Second Chance Wildlife, Inc

Dawn L. Brown operates Second Chance Wildlife, Inc. in New Sharon, Maine. Dawn received four bear cubs on March 10. The three males and one female were abandoned by their mother.

Maine’s Black Bears – live video

The Wildlife Research Foundation has live video of Lugnut, an adult black bear, and her two newborn cubs online now. The cubs were born on January 16. This is an opportunity to learn a lot about Maine’s bears. I made a donation this morning and will be checking in on Lugnut and the cubs daily […]

West Minot (Map 3)

This bear was on a Sunday stroll in Saco.  JB