Weekly Notes – September 22, 2013

The fall equinox calls migrating birds south under the full moon.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Spring 2013

Waiting for the Timberdoodle to know that spring is really here in the Quoddy Region.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Sophie the House Spider

A kind and nosy naturalist befriends a common house spider, protecting her from the dedicated housewife.

Quoddy Nature Notes

Creepy crawly critters in the house during the winter months include Cluster Flies, Lady Beetles and a Pseudoscorpion in this week’s Quoddy Nature Notes.

Brown Recluse, or not?

This large spider has taken up residency in our back room window, which is generally never opened. My husband and I need someone to settle the bet! Is s/he a Brown Recluse? I think it has many of the characteristics of one, but my hubby doesn’t agree. This spider has grown, and has shed its […]

Rabbit with Ticks

In the Quoddy Region: This snowshoe hare has at least seven ticks on its face. Fewer ticks than normal were killed during the mild winter and reappeared in late winter rather than spring.

September, 2009

Volume 14, No. 9 What Is It? We have answers! Over the last three weeks I have gone to all my usual spots looking for milkweed plants. NONE! The dried stems from last year are there but none from this season at all. This is in the Biddeford/Saco area. Anyone else notice this? JB September […]