Quoddy Nature Notes – Turkeys

With the leaves falling and Thanksgiving barely a month away, my mind drifted over to turkeys.

Weekly Notes, August 18, 2013

Don’t Move Firewood! Asian Longhorned Beetles, Mourning Doves and Least Terns. Please report Monarch sightings!

Weekly Notes May 12, 2013

Trillium are in bloom and warblers are pushing into their nesting habitats while NWS begins it’s Frost and Freeze reports and the first Black Fly Report for 2013!

Quoddy Nature Notes – Spring 2013

Waiting for the Timberdoodle to know that spring is really here in the Quoddy Region.

Weekly Notes March 31, 2013

Turkeys, Turtles, Peepers and Bird Nests in this weeks Maine Nature News.

January 20, 2013 Weekly Nature News

Highlight of the week was in Woodland Dma&g Map 64  – when Harry McCarthy observed 4 lynx in his yard.  Lynx sightings are increasing due to a healthy population in Northern Maine and these handsome wild cats are not as shy as their smaller cousins, the Bobcat found elsewhere throughout the state.  Read more here….  […]

A Partridge in an Apple Tree

I use my “outdoor office,” which is the picnic table by the pond, on nice days. A nearby partridge drums off and on all day. This partridge was budding in an apple tree.

Eastern Wild Turkeys – Talmadge (Map 45)

A rafter of 12 wild turkeys strolled through this morning. There are approximately 30 turkeys in the area. There were 38 at the beginning of winter. I haven’t seen all of them together to be able to get an accurate count yet this spring. If half of the birds are hens and each hen successfully […]

What Happened Here?

What happened here? More detail might help. A partridge/ruffed grouse had a dirt bath on the edge of a dirt road.

Eastern Wild Turkeys – Talmadge (Map 45)

There is a rafter of 33 Eastern Wild turkeys roaming our community. They discovered the cornstalks. There were a few very small ears left on the stalks. Six of the turkeys moved into a 100′ row of rutabagas. They stripped the greens from the stalks on the stem in 20 minutes.