Weekly Notes ~ Record Cold

February saw record cold temperatures and significant snowfall across much of the State of Maine, now we can enjoy the snow-melt into spring.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Owls in Maine

While the Snowy Owl might be the most talked about, there are eleven different species of owl that use habitat areas in Maine.

Weekly Notes ~ Phenomena of Phenology

Patience and persistence are found in studying the phenomena of phenology in nature’s ways.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Bohemian Waxwing

Flocks of Bohemian Waxwing enjoy the more moderate winter temperatures in the Quoddy Region.

Tracks in the old log yard

March is my favorite month, the warm days hint of spring but the nights are still cold enough to hold the snow cover just a bit longer.

Winter Deer Yards

The stark beauty of winter often reveals the harsh existence of this gentle creature in its role in the food chain to transfer energy from the herbivores to the carnivores in winter deer yards.

Weekly Notes ~ January 2014

Winter weather roller coaster ride, LD 297, and observations from the field for the month of January 2014.

Weekly Notes ~ Northern Flicker

These ant eating woodpeckers have had many alias’ beyond the common name of
Northern Flicker.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Cormorant

Two species of Cormorant can be found in Maine year-round however, the Shag flies south each fall while the Great Cormorant can be found in the cold coastal waters throughout the winter months.

Weekly Notes ~ Snowy Owls

Noted for its southern sojourns in Mable Osgood Wright’s 1895 Birdcraft, the Snowy Owl is delighting nature observers across the State of Maine this year.