White Pine Programs ~ What the Robin Knows

Have you ever wondered what the Robin knows? Read the wonderful essay by guest Gavin Van Horn from the Center for Humans and Nature.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Juncos and Sparrows

Juncos and Sparrows are the next wave of migrants moving northward in Maine.

Weekly Notes ~ Phenomena of Phenology

Patience and persistence are found in studying the phenomena of phenology in nature’s ways.

Weekly Notes ~ Gulf of Maine Watershed

Where will all the snow go? Into the Gulf of Maine watershed, that’s where!

Tracks or Tricks in Mud Season

Wild creatures are usually on the sly and the only way to know what creature was there is from the tracks, but really, who was there?

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Bohemian Waxwing

Flocks of Bohemian Waxwing enjoy the more moderate winter temperatures in the Quoddy Region.

Tracks in the old log yard

March is my favorite month, the warm days hint of spring but the nights are still cold enough to hold the snow cover just a bit longer.

Weekly Notes ~ Cycles in Nature

Earth is turning, snow is melting, birds are migrating, March is month to observe the cycles in nature.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Atlantic Sturgeon

The Atlantic Sturgeon may be protected from predators by an ancient suit of armor, but that is no match for over-harvesting & unhealthy estuaries.

Snowshoe Hare Winter Adaptations

Snowshoe Hare have unique adaptations for winter survival.