Red Squirrel

Anyone with a birdfeeder is familiar with the red squirrel, but did you know the diet of this rodent includes more than seeds and nuts?

Vernal Equinox

The vernal equinox is Mother Nature’s way of keeping time, balancing the forces of cold and dark with warmth and light.


Daylight savings time impacts our routines and schedules, while the seasonal changes of light affect our internal clock along with many species of wildlife.

Weekly Notes ~ Record Cold

February saw record cold temperatures and significant snowfall across much of the State of Maine, now we can enjoy the snow-melt into spring.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ White footed Mouse

Mice are fun things to study, especially during this time of year. It seems like in the attic or garage one can sometimes bump into a mouse or two.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Owls in Maine

While the Snowy Owl might be the most talked about, there are eleven different species of owl that use habitat areas in Maine.

Weekly Notes ~ Twilight

Twilight, that time between night and day when the sun is below the horizon.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Apples

A brief history of the wild apple that may not be so wild after all.

Black Bears Among Us

Black bears are often near but a glimpse might be all we get or if we’re lucky, a track. They are adapted to survive and thrive throughout Maine.

Weekly Notes ~ Bird Language

Nature’s creatures pushing forward as the ice and snow lingers in the north, blood moon and bird language hints at spring.