Black Fly Reports

Please email your black fly report in to be posted on the current map.

2010 reports are missing.

The weekly black fly reports are used by people who work outdoors, Mainers and tourists planning their vacations and just about anyone else who steps outside in spring and early summer. FEMA used the reports to help prepare workers who came to Maine to repair extensive flood damage in Aroostook county in 2008. The more we work together to create the weekly report the more helpful it will be.

How to participate:

Rate the severity of black flies at locations in Maine where you reside or visit. The scale is 1 to 3:
1 = none or few,
2 = some, but tolerable
3 = many, a royal pain.
Don’t forget to report a level of “1″ before the flies start in earnest and keep up the reports after the flies have disappeared, since an observation of “1″ is just as useful and valid scientifically, as reports of “2″ or “3″. Please include the name and the Maine Atlas map number (if you know it) of the locality or localities you are reporting. Including the map number cuts my work time when I’m manually placing every dot. The report will be published mid-week.