A Crow Robbed the Duck’s Nest – Talmadge (Map 45)

Once in a while I find half of an egg shell or no eggs at all in the barn. I put everyone on notice that there was a skunk in the barn again and to be careful. It’s not a skunk. This afternoon one of the dogs caught a crow in the barn. I owe […]

Horse Hair Worm

This horsehair worm was in a puddle on a dirt road. Also known as gordian worms, the horsehair worm is a parasite to insects, arthropods, and other invertebrate animals in its immature state. As adults, they don’t require a host. They’re harmless to humans. They can grow up to 14″ long, though this worm was […]

Cardinal – Talmadge (Map 45)

I’ve seen cardinals here only three times since moving here in 1999. I heard it singing while coming in from chores but it didn’t click. A lot of birds are singing now and I was looking around for Ava. I was reaching for my coffee cup to fill before sitting down to write when a […]

What’s Eating The Pumpkins?

Last fall’s cornstalks, pumpkins and squash were loaded into the tractor’s bucket and hauled off to the edge of the woods. I’ve been waiting to see what might grow this summer. Yesterday afternoon I discovered this 2.5″ hole through the snow, into the pile. Something has been enjoying the pumpkins, probably the seeds. I suspect […]

Ice Fishing on East Musquash, Topsfield (Map 45)

It was windy but it looked like a nice day to ice fish. There are only two shacks on East Musquash Lake today.

Robin’s Journal – Outdoors

  A blogger challenged readers to choose their word for 2012. I’ve had this entry floating around in my mind for a few days and since it fit with her challenge, and I don’t want it to float away, now’s a good time to write. My word for 2012 is Outdoors. I spent so much […]

Mourning Dove

A mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) resting in a balsam fir.

Robin’s Journal – Upta Camp for Thanksgiving

Mother Nature could have put a damper in our Thanksgiving plans with a snow storm the day before Thanksgiving. Parts of the state were blanketed under close to a foot of fresh now. Upper Sysladobsis (Upper Dobsis, pronounced dob-see) in Lakeville (Map 35) had only 6″. We put the trucks in four wheel drive and […]

Deer and Coyote Tracks – Molunkus (Map 44)

A coyote followed a deer for several miles sometime between November 23 and 25. The track on the left is coyote. On the right, a deer track beneath a coyote track.

Talmadge (Map 45)

At sunset yesterday, November 9, I listened to tree frogs. I don’t remember ever hearing them in November. It was 55* at the time. My rhubarb has come out of dormancy and is growing. King Bolete mushrooms are growing again. It feels more like spring than mid autumn.  RF