White Pine Programs ~ Bird Language Intensive

BirdLanguageBannerIf you have been down to the Boston Museum of Science, you will recall that on the lower level is A Bird’s World exhibit.  Perhaps you watched, or even ventured to try to sneak through the silent movement tunnel without scaring any of the birds away.

This virtual display simulates the knowledge of Bird Language.  Birds are always in the know.  They are specially adapted to move about vertically giving them an advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom which is limited more or less to horizontal movement across the landscape.

White Pine Programs in Cape Neddick is offering a weeklong Bird Language Intensive.  It is an opportunity to be fully immersed into the field study of observing birds, the interactions with predators, both avian and other.

What is Bird Language? It is a universal language of nature that all wild animals know and pay close attention to. Learning Bird Language will help you to fine-tune your: sensory awareness, stealth, naturalist skills, empathy, inner calm & peacefulness.

What the Robin KnowsThere is a companion book by Jon Young with science editor Dan Gardoqui of White Pine Programs called What the Robin Knows: How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World.

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