Acorn Weevils a Forest Kindergarten & Adult Tracking Apprenticeship

Attached is a flyer for our upcoming Acorn Weevils -a forest kindergarten program for ages 4 – 6.  To Learn More Click here….Acorn Weevils Flyer Aug 2013

White Pine Tracking Apprenticeship 2013 – 14

Established in 1999, White Pine Programs promotes the use of wildlife tracking skills for community – minded, educational & scientific purposes.  White Pine hosts wildlife tracking evaluations, presents at national conferences, and contributes to local & regional wildlife projects.

Goals of the White Pine Tracking Apprenticeship:

1. To create competent, skilled, & holistic wildlife trackers.

2. To prepare wildlife trackers to apply their skills as a useful tool in community,

scientific, & educational settings.

To Learn More Click here…White-Pine-Tracking-Apprenticeship-Flyer-2013-14-NEW