Hello Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

Maureen here, just want to make a quick introduction and give you a bit of my story.  My childhood days were spent wandering the woods and fields of a salt-water farm, I explored the saltmarshes and rocks of the inter-tidal zone and at chore-time I could be found in the barn pretending not to hear my mother’s call to come indoors for the night.  In time the mystery and romance of the woods led me to the unorganized territories of Maine where I discovered nature makes my heart sing!  I am so pleased to share with you the wonder of the natural history in this beautiful place on earth known as Maine, USA.  I am a Kamana Naturalist, a Master Maine Guide and hold a degree in Environmental Studies with a focus in Learning in Connection with Nature.  Along with Gene Thompson, we own and operate Frost Pond Camps in T3R11 just a wink west of Mount Katahdin.

I have followed Maine Nature News since it’s inception and appreciate the opportunity to carry on the work and ideas of Frank and Robin.  I am excited to share stories and talk with all of you.  Please be in touch to let me know how Maine Nature News can be most useful to you!  I will get back to you as soon as I can, as we say in the woods – technology is great, but not perfect but it sure beats the days of snowshoes and sled-dogs, now we can beam emails off the stars!  Take good care and enjoy your time outdoors – we’ll talk soon.  ~Maureen


  1. Kimberly Bellows-Smith says

    Congratulations Maureen!
    Living East of 103 weshared the same salt water farms and your families vast acreage on Cutts Island, with the generosity of the Raynes and Thaxter families all generations will be able to enjoy these beautiful woods/salt marshes. Our generation enjoyed the farm with the roaming cows, how sweet the memories are. I know you will have great success with Maine Nature News and I look forward to following your news. Congratulations once again, Best Wishes, Kim Bellows Smith ~ Frenchboro, Long Island, Maine & Kittery Point, Maine