Invasive Forest Insect Outreach Volunteer Training

Invasive Forest Insect Outreach Volunteer Training
Presented by the Maine Department of Agriculture and the Maine Forest Service

Date Thursday, May 19 Time 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Location Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor, Maine
Co-sponsored by Abbe Museum
Cost: Free, including lunch and materials
Why: To educate people about the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) and the emerald ash borer (EAB), two invasive forest pests that have not yet been found in Maine, and to train people to help us spread awareness about these pests. Awareness aids in early detection, which saves eradication and management costs. (To find out more about ALB, visit; and EAB, visit

Who Should Attend? People interested in learning about invasive forest pests, particularly Asian longhorned beetle and emerald ash borer, and sharing that information with others. Participants will be asked to conduct at least three outreach activities in their communities this summer. Outreach activities include, but are not limited to, holding informational sessions, displaying information at public forums, disseminating educational materials, and assisting in surveys. The Department of Agriculture will provide materials for volunteers and loans of insects and sample tree damage displays. Attendees will also be eligible for 2 pesticide credits for completing the training. Due to limited space we ask that each organization send no more than two people.

Training Topics

o ALB and EAB ID & Life Cycle
o Potential Impact of ALB and EAB on the state of Maine
o How, When & Where to Look for ALB
o Current Management Activities
o How to Save and Report a Suspect Insect o Other Invasive Forest Pests
o Sharing What You’ve Learned about ALB and EAB
o Tips On Talking About Pests o Resources Available to Help with Outreach
o Host Tree Identification Registration

Email the following information to Karen Coluzzi or call 207-287-7551: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Affiliation (Organization or Employer)