Weekly Notes February 3, 2013

Moose horns and Big Brown Bats in the news this week along with extreme temperatures and wind gusts all in a day in Maine.

Camporee at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge

Gate to the 49th International Camporee at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. The Maine Flag is for the US with the lighthouse symbol for West Quoddy Head; The New Brunswick flag is for Canada with the symbol for East Quoddy Head (Head Harbor). Built primarily by Alba Briggs of Lubec and lashed together by his son […]

Quoddy Nature Notes – Puddle Critters

By Fred Gralenski I like water.  Not because I’m especially clean, but where there is water there is usually a good supply of critters for me to marvel at.  Now where I live I have a good opportunity to study that big piece of water that stretches over to the old world, but that puddle […]