Weekly Notes, February 17, 2013

Northern Hawk Owl, Winter Survival and a history lesson in this weeks Maine Nature News.

Gray Fox in Saco (Map 3)

Took this from inside the kitchen about 0700 Sunday morning. Several days before had heard a ruckus under this feeder, where the red and gray squirrels gather. Saw this fox chase something into a patch of ground cover about 10 feet away. Don’t know if he got anything or not. This morning he/she appeared to […]

Vixen – Carroll (Map 45)

We watched this vixen through the brush in Carroll early Saturday morning. She was sitting with her eyes closed, seeming to nap in the sunshine. She heard my husband walk up behind me, turned to look, then closed her eyes again.  

February, 2010

February, 2010 Saturday, January 16, Auburn (Map 11) Went for a snowshoe in Mount Apatite Park this afternoon. There is a large network of trails to enjoy with the highlight being a visit to the old mineral quarries. The quarries now long silent offer up some nice views of some rather large ice falls. Along […]