Flying Squirrel Questions

We live alone on an island in the Rangeley Lakes of Maine. I have been trapping with have-a-heart traps many red squirrels and releasing them on shore as they have become numerous and there are no predators on the island to control their population.  Never having seen a “flying squirrel” I was surprised when one […]

Embden (Map 20)

We have had a Red Bellied Woodpecker come to our suet on and off all winter. We were excited as we didn’t think they came this far north. He is very shy so we have to be careful not to make a sudden move while watching out the sliding door. Now we worry that he […]

Quoddy Nature Notes – Notes on Holiday Traveling and Reminiscing

It probably wasn’t the smartest thing to travel to western Massachusetts on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, but schedules were set in stone, and alternatives were inconceivable, so off we went. The storm had sort of overwhelmed the road crews, and travel on Route 9 was limited, especially for the semis trying to negotiate the up […]

Flying Squirrel Question

Editor’s note: I’m bumping this back to the top of the page in hopes of getting an answer. We have over the past month or two removed eight flying squirrels from our attic. I use a have-a-heart trap with popcorn and or meat in it. When captured I leave them about three miles away in […]