Quoddy Nature Notes – Baxter versus Quoddy

My first visit to Baxter State Park was in 1965, when I camped with some friends at Chimney Pond and spent one day making the loop up to the peak by the Cathedral Trail, over the Knife Edge and back, and another day working with the staff in an unsuccessful search for some lost campers.  […]

Quoddy Nature News – April Amphibians

Amphibians, especially spawning amphibians, usually like things a little damp, but we had mostly non-amphibian weather in the Quoddy region during the first half of April. March was warm and pretty dry, and some pools had disappeared before spawning season had begun with earnest. There is a combination of factors that precipitate spawning in early […]

Talmadge (Map 45)

At sunset yesterday, November 9, I listened to tree frogs. I don’t remember ever hearing them in November. It was 55* at the time. My rhubarb has come out of dormancy and is growing. King Bolete mushrooms are growing again. It feels more like spring than mid autumn.  RF

Amphibian ID

When Kevin went to clean out and refill the dog water bucket (a metal container holding about 10 gallons, but which was practically empty) on Tuesday afternoon Oct 26, he found this little amphibian there… it was pretty chilly — the high was only in the low 60s and lows had been regularly in the […]

Salamander ID Please

While playing in the back yard my boys and nephews found this unusual salamander. We think it is a Jefferson Salamander and wanted your opinion. The salamander was found under a rotten log by a small stream in Warren, Maine. Thank for any information.  LV If you can identify this salamander please email your information […]

Amphibian Walk – Calais Area

Our amphibian walks found a lot of amphibians just waiting to be discovered. We took a little time from this spotted salamander’s busy schedule and checked him out for a few minutes, then returned him to his business.