Hawk ID Please

This hawk landed on a rototiller while I worked this afternoon.  It landed, got its balance and immediately flew away. It’s a medium sized bird. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks.

Bird ID

This baby bird is a casualty of our heavy rain, thanks to Irene. Any guesses as to what it is? The wing bars and small white spots starting on the tail feathers throw me off a bit. And isn’t it late for babies! Joan in Skowhegan 8/28/11

Hawk Identification Help, Please

There are 3 hawks which seem to stay close by in the woods around my property and call to each other from early morning til night. They look smaller when they are flying, but are actually a large bird. Think they are possibly two immature and one adult. I took this picture through the screen window one morning and tho […]

Flying Squirrel Question

Editor’s note: I’m bumping this back to the top of the page in hopes of getting an answer. We have over the past month or two removed eight flying squirrels from our attic. I use a have-a-heart trap with popcorn and or meat in it. When captured I leave them about three miles away in […]

What Is It? Worm Identification

Talmadge, Map 45 I spotted this worm on tall grass. It is approximately 4″ long and hair thin. The head and tail ends are lighter color than the body. It appears to “wave” in the air and seems like it could tie itself in knots. Does anyone know what it is? Please email the answer […]

Talmadge (Map 45)

I stepped out the kitchen door on my way to turning off the heat in the greenhouse and a hawk caught my eye. It was not at all concerned with me. It scanned the ground looking for breakfast. My turkeys and ducks were upset but it wasn’t at all interested in them. I stepped back […]

August, 2009

Q. This moth is 3″ long. Do you know its name? A.  The moth appears to be a member of the Sphinx family (Sphingidae) but I can’t definitely tell the species from that one picture. For one thing it doesn’t show the hindwing pattern. I feel confident it is a member of the Sphinx genus. A […]