Quoddy Nature Notes – Juniper

Juniper                 Juniper, Juniperus communis, is a neat little plant we have growing here in the Quoddy region.  As a matter of fact, it has the largest range of any woody plant in the world, ranging across most of the Northern Hemisphere.  With that big of a range one would think there would be many […]

Weekly Notes – May 26, 2013

Common yellowthroat, greater yellowlegs, cedar apple rust, garlic mustard and injured animal concerns in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Cedar

Maine has three kinds of cedar trees that are native: the Northern White cedar Thuja occidentalis, the Atlantic White cedar Chamaecyparis thyoides, and the Red cedar Juniperus virginiana.

Skowhegan (Map 21)

The photo I have attached is of our “Hemlar” tree. Years ago we planted the hemlock on the right. Several years later we planted the cedar and they now look like one tree.  JF (It bet it’s a nice shelter for birds during a storm. RF)

Robin’s Journal – From the Observation Stand

Sunday, August 14, 2011 Molunkus (Map 44) The power in the cabin comes from a generator in a nearby shed. It’s loud and disruptive; I don’t like to run it except to run the water and lights at night. The percolator glub-glubbed on the propane stove while we sat on the porch steps in silence. […]