Weekly Notes ~ Tracks on Ice

A dusting of snow on a pond making ice provides a perfect opportunity to find tracks.

Weekly Notes March 3, 2013

Hoarfrost, horned larks and horned grebes, Maquan and fisher tracks, but not necessarily in that order in this weeks Maine Nature News.

January 20, 2013 Weekly Nature News

Highlight of the week was in Woodland Dma&g Map 64  – when Harry McCarthy observed 4 lynx in his yard.  Lynx sightings are increasing due to a healthy population in Northern Maine and these handsome wild cats are not as shy as their smaller cousins, the Bobcat found elsewhere throughout the state.  Read more here….  […]

Lisbon Falls (Map 6)

February 1. 2012 Lisbon Falls Map 6 Well the den site that had fox tracks near it one day and on another day fishers tracks proved to be that of a skunk. Very odd to see a skunk active this time of year.  SY

Robin’s Journal – Upta Camp for Thanksgiving

Mother Nature could have put a damper in our Thanksgiving plans with a snow storm the day before Thanksgiving. Parts of the state were blanketed under close to a foot of fresh now. Upper Sysladobsis (Upper Dobsis, pronounced dob-see) in Lakeville (Map 35) had only 6″. We put the trucks in four wheel drive and […]

September, 2009

Volume 14, No. 9 What Is It? We have answers! Over the last three weeks I have gone to all my usual spots looking for milkweed plants. NONE! The dried stems from last year are there but none from this season at all. This is in the Biddeford/Saco area. Anyone else notice this? JB September […]