Quoddy Nature Notes ~ White footed Mouse

Mice are fun things to study, especially during this time of year. It seems like in the attic or garage one can sometimes bump into a mouse or two.

Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Critters of the Subnivium

Who are the subnivean mammals in the winter subnivium environment?

Deer Mouse Family – Pembroke (Map 27)

At a Pathfinder’s walk at Morong Cove on Sept 11, we found Momma Deer mouse and four of her nearly full grown offspring setting up shop in the sign-in box. By the size of her one could guess that there will be more youngsters soon.

Quoddy Nature News – Outfoxed By a Mouse

by Fred Gralenski Maine has two types of jumping mice, the Meadow Jumping mouse, Zapus hudsonius, and the Woodland Jumping mouse, Napaeozapus insignis.  These are not unique to the area but are unique to the northern half of the Northern hemisphere, both here and in the old world.  Jumping mice are little critters tipping the […]

Talmadge (Map 45)

This is a vole tunnel revealed when the snow melted.