Winter Deer Yards

The stark beauty of winter often reveals the harsh existence of this gentle creature in its role in the food chain to transfer energy from the herbivores to the carnivores in winter deer yards.

Weekly Notes, February 17, 2013

Northern Hawk Owl, Winter Survival and a history lesson in this weeks Maine Nature News.

January 20, 2013 Weekly Nature News

Highlight of the week was in Woodland Dma&g Map 64  – when Harry McCarthy observed 4 lynx in his yard.  Lynx sightings are increasing due to a healthy population in Northern Maine and these handsome wild cats are not as shy as their smaller cousins, the Bobcat found elsewhere throughout the state.  Read more here….  […]

Gray Fox in Saco (Map 3)

Took this from inside the kitchen about 0700 Sunday morning. Several days before had heard a ruckus under this feeder, where the red and gray squirrels gather. Saw this fox chase something into a patch of ground cover about 10 feet away. Don’t know if he got anything or not. This morning he/she appeared to […]

Vixen – Carroll (Map 45)

We watched this vixen through the brush in Carroll early Saturday morning. She was sitting with her eyes closed, seeming to nap in the sunshine. She heard my husband walk up behind me, turned to look, then closed her eyes again.  

Red Fox, Lisbon Falls (Map 6)

January 27 Lisbon Falls Map 6 This red fox passed by the trail camera the other day. I think I have found its den and have moved the trail camera to that location which is not far from where this photo was taken. It it’s not the fox den then we will find out who’s […]

Quoddy Nature News – Foxes

The Red fox has the widest range of any terrestrial carnivore, and, with over 50 recognized subspecies, it is found on most continents except South America, Antarctica and most of Africa.

Robin’s Journal – Upta Camp for Thanksgiving

Mother Nature could have put a damper in our Thanksgiving plans with a snow storm the day before Thanksgiving. Parts of the state were blanketed under close to a foot of fresh now. Upper Sysladobsis (Upper Dobsis, pronounced dob-see) in Lakeville (Map 35) had only 6″. We put the trucks in four wheel drive and […]

Deer and Coyote Tracks – Molunkus (Map 44)

A coyote followed a deer for several miles sometime between November 23 and 25. The track on the left is coyote. On the right, a deer track beneath a coyote track.