Weekly Notes February 3, 2013

Moose horns and Big Brown Bats in the news this week along with extreme temperatures and wind gusts all in a day in Maine.

Little Brown Bat – Talmadge (Map 45)

My morning started with the aftermath of a raccoon killing one of my ducks and tipping over a trash can. I walked into the dining room at 4:50 am, not very bright in the house yet, and thought “that’s a big moth…little bat.” At least it was the bat that came in the screen I […]

Have You Seen Bats?

I’ve been comparing notes on bats with a reader in Boothbay. We’ve each seen one bat this year. Have you noticed a decline in the bat population in your area? I normally see them catching bugs when I leave the porch light on and just above the surface of the pond. The bat I saw […]

Nature in the Quoddy Region

Love in the Wild

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Nature Gone Wild! Little Brown bats live here in Maine.   Nature Gone Wild!  The Nature Conservancy ranks the top 10 strangest ways nature finds love. So you think you’ve had some strange dates? This Valentine’s Day, The Nature Conservancy compiled the top 10 most bizarre examples of love in […]