No Black Fly Reports

There are no new black fly reports. I have three dogs (or three dogs have me) that bring them into the house in their hair. The windows are usually crawling with black flies trying to get out. The dogs were outside most of the day yesterday (Monday) and brought in only one black fly. I […]

Black Fly Reports

Please leave your black fly reports in the comments section or send them to me at the reports email address.

Black Fly Report: Nothing to Report!

The only black fly report this week reports no black flies in Boothbay. The mosquitoes are a much bigger problem for me herein Talmadge. I’m not saying the season is over but it looks like an unusually quiet season might be winding down.

Black Fly Report May 29-June 7

Now that the sun is out, it’s warmer and the wind has died down I expect the black flies to be terrible in much of the state. I took the dogs out to run for 15-20 minutes. They came back in covered with black flies that are now climbing the windows to get out. Be […]

Black Fly Update, May 27, 2012

Talmadge (Map 45) 3 Kossuth (Map 45) 3 Topsfield (Map 45) 3 Carroll (Map 45) 3 Lakeville Plantation (Map 34) 3 Webster (Map 44) 3 Baxter State Park (Map 51) 2 Crystal (Map 52) 3 Pownal (Map 6) 1

Black Fly Report – May 23-29, 2012

Please send your black fly report by email or by commenting here. Please include the Gazetteer map number please include it in your report. If not, the Gazetteer is always close at hand and I’ll look it up. Thanks! Robin I think there’s been a bit of misinformation printed somewhere judging by the amount of […]

Reminder: Black Fly Report!

Please send email your black fly report or leave it in a comment in the current report at the top of the page. Thanks!

Black Fly Report – May 16

The report is updated as comments and reports are posted. The wind has been a big help in keeping the flies from landing and biting. Pownal (Map 6) 1 Talmadge (Map 45) 3 Wesley (Map 26) 2

Black Fly Report – May 9

I expected a lot more reports this week but it looks like we’ve been given a break. I’m sure it won’t last but for now, it’s very nice. I spent four hours outside without black flies today. Lincolnville (Map 14). 3. I went out on the deck to enjoy my coffee and before two steps […]

Black Fly Report – May 3

The weekend is coming. How are the black flies in your area? On a scale of 1 to 3, please rate these biting menaces and let us know where they are. Please include the map number from the Gazetteer if you know it. It makes compiling the report into a map a lot easier for […]