Weekly Notes – October 20, 2013

Fall is all about color and I have found some butterflies and blossoms still lingering in amongst the fallen leaves not to mention the brook trout are spawning.

Weekly Notes – October 6, 2013

Moose use an old skidder path for bedding and browse area. The achene of Bristly Buttercups hitch a ride on the author’s pantleg and doll’s eyes are silently keeping watch in the woods, all this and more in this weeks notes.


Cicadas certainly are an interesting bug that fit nicely with our present affection for stuff like, ‘shocking’, ‘scary’ and, ‘ the world is going to be destroyed by aliens’.

Weekly Notes – September 22, 2013

The fall equinox calls migrating birds south under the full moon.

Butterflies, moths and caterpillars

It’s caterpillar season, did you know that Butterflies and Moths make up the order Lepidoptera? Learn the difference and discover a resource to identify these beautiful insects.

Weekly Notes – September 1, 2013

Calico lobsters, monarch butterflies on the decline and fall migration has begun in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes – August 25, 2013

A not so ordinary Monday in the office quickly takes the author outside for a week’s worth of nature observation.


Nature is a pretty wondrous system, but not all of the time what we as people would consider nice, whatever the definition of ‘nice’ is.

Weekly Notes, August 18, 2013

Don’t Move Firewood! Asian Longhorned Beetles, Mourning Doves and Least Terns. Please report Monarch sightings!

Weekly Notes, August 11, 2013

Blueberries, Goldeneyes, Perseid Meteor showers, Emerald Ash Borer and Hail in this week’s Maine Nature News.