Determined Herring Gull, Eastport (Map 37)

The mackerel are running in Eastport and lots of folks are fishing. So is this juvenile herring gull. We watched fishermen cast their lines, reel in, sometimes with a line filled with four mackerel but usually empty. Cast, reel. Cast, reel. A young couple at the end of the pier worked to figure out what […]

Herring Gull

Bar Harbor (Map 16) A herring gull found an easy meal at the town pier in Bar Harbor. We spotted the bird when it was trying to tear apart a starfish. We watched it shake the starfish repeatedly for about a minute. When it finally broke into two pieces the gull swallowed the part with […]

Ogunquit (Map 1)

February 12, 2010 I never knew seagulls were banded until Feb. 12, 2010 when my wife was feeding them in the parking lot at Ogunquit Beach. I happened to notice this one with bands on both legs.  DH