Winter Deer Yards

The stark beauty of winter often reveals the harsh existence of this gentle creature in its role in the food chain to transfer energy from the herbivores to the carnivores in winter deer yards.

Quoddy Nature Notes – Spring 2013

Waiting for the Timberdoodle to know that spring is really here in the Quoddy Region.

Weekly Notes, March 24, 2013

Turkey Vultures and American Woodcock are on the move north despite winter leaving the State of Maine with a fresh coat of snow, last Sunday’s sky show was spectacular and a view of the earth from space in this week Maine Nature News.

January 12, 2013 Weekly Nature News

January 12, 2013               Weekly News Storm systems have been quiet since the New Year, however in typical New England style the temperatures have gone from frigid cold to moderately above freezing and light rain across a large portion of the state predicted through the next couple of days.  Snow pack is settling making for good […]

Quoddy Nature Notes – A Midsummer Potpourri of Nature

My crash course in studying nature started when we were going to participate in the Bio-Blitz at the Schoodic Educational Research Center (SERC), and on the way we stopped at Birdsacre to see how Edgar Raven was doing.  He was in a big cage with another raven, and the caretaker said that he had been […]

Edgar Raven

Way back in March, Rob and Regina Raven had a little discussion about where they would set up housekeeping for the year. “What about Porcupine Mountain?” murmured Rob, “ We haven’t lived there since aught seven.  It wouldn’t take much to fix up the old place and maybe we need a change for this year.” […]