Quoddy Nature Notes ~ Atlantic Sturgeon

The Atlantic Sturgeon may be protected from predators by an ancient suit of armor, but that is no match for over-harvesting & unhealthy estuaries.

Weekly Notes – October 20, 2013

Fall is all about color and I have found some butterflies and blossoms still lingering in amongst the fallen leaves not to mention the brook trout are spawning.

Weekly Notes, August 4, 2013

Butterflies and Piping Plovers in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Weekly Notes, May 5, 2013

Bluets &Wood Ducks, Alewives & Sturgeons, Pickerel Frogs and Coltsfoot blossoms all happening without any rain in this week’s Maine Nature News.

Robin’s Journal: Enjoying the Water

I spend weekdays rushing around to get everything done so that when the weekend finally gets here we can spend our time in the boat. One evening last week we went for a ride on West Lake in Talmadge. Saturday took us back to West Lake, Sunday was spent swimming and fishing on Upper Sysladobsis […]

Quoddy Nature Notes – Eels

Eels Eels are slimy, sinister looking things that are in our rivers and lakes. Although eels are claimed to be edible by people from some weird cultures, most folks from the Quoddy region despise them and wish they would be elsewhere. I heard of one lady who tried to please her husband by preparing a […]