If You Care, Leave Them There

Thanks to Emily MacCabe at Inland Fisheries & Wildlife for this information. Below is information that should help everyone live harmoniously with wildlife, including fawns, moose, Piping Plovers and others. We encourage people to follow these steps for the protection of themselves and wildlife – and to appreciate wildlife and their behaviors from afar. This […]

Robin’s Journal – A Dirt Road, a Mole and Moose

The sun was out yesterday morning. I swear I could hear the dirt roads calling. “Come out for a ride. You know you want to.” I filled the CamelBak with cold water and lime slices, got the bag of almonds to munch on and grabbed the camera. I went to Democrat Ridge first, discovered wet […]

100 Maine Lakes

I’ve started following Amanda in her journey to paddle 100 of Maine’s biggest lakes on a Little Vessel. “Little Vessels are hand built, wooden standup paddle boards.” At first I thought she was kayaking and was impressed. I’m more impressed now that I know she’s going to be on a paddle board. I thought you […]

Book Review: Maine’s Favorite Birds by Jeffrey V. Wells & Allison Childs Wells

Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Childs Wells Illustrated by Evan Barbou Tilbury House Publishers Publication Date: May 1, 2012 Paperback, $15, ISBN 978-0-88448-336-6 6 x 9, 72 pages, 100+ color paintings Maine’s Favorite Birds by Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Child Wells was written as a guide for beginner and intermediate birds as well those […]

Talmadge (Map 45) Canoes, a Kayak and Camping

Taylor, our youngest daughter, is an outdoors woman through and through. She’s home from Unity College (America’s Environmental College) where she double majors in Wildlife Biology and Biology for part of the summer, but is leaving next week for a six week internship. With little time to spare, she and her friends had their first […]

A Crow Robbed the Duck’s Nest – Talmadge (Map 45)

Once in a while I find half of an egg shell or no eggs at all in the barn. I put everyone on notice that there was a skunk in the barn again and to be careful. It’s not a skunk. This afternoon one of the dogs caught a crow in the barn. I owe […]

Vixen – Carroll (Map 45)

We watched this vixen through the brush in Carroll early Saturday morning. She was sitting with her eyes closed, seeming to nap in the sunshine. She heard my husband walk up behind me, turned to look, then closed her eyes again.  

Horse Hair Worm

This horsehair worm was in a puddle on a dirt road. Also known as gordian worms, the horsehair worm is a parasite to insects, arthropods, and other invertebrate animals in its immature state. As adults, they don’t require a host. They’re harmless to humans. They can grow up to 14″ long, though this worm was […]

Wild Strawberries – Topsfield (Map 45)

Wild strawberries were blossoming on April 26. This area of the woods often still has snow banks along the side of the road in late April.

A Partridge in an Apple Tree

I use my “outdoor office,” which is the picnic table by the pond, on nice days. A nearby partridge drums off and on all day. This partridge was budding in an apple tree.