A New Owner for Maine Nature News

Hello Everyone, On August 1, 2006 I took over the publishing of Maine Nature News. Frank Whibey was preparing to retire. It was an honor to be trusted by Frank after a couple of phone conversations. A lot has changed in MNN’s format since then thanks to blogging software than makes the job much easier. […]

Outdoors Stories by Robin Follette

It’s been 15 days since I read two stories on Writers Forum with Ellie O’Leary on WERU. I’m a bit halting and need more practice but for my second ever reading, it’s not too bad. I had a lot of fun with Ellie and Elizabeth Garber. You can listen to the stories on WERU.  

Robin’s Journal – Finally, The Frost

I went to a Landscaping for Wildlife workshop given by Lisa Kane of Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife a few weeks ago, and have an idea of what I’ll be planting for the birds. The garden will be approximately one-half acre.

A Young Bull Moose

Around 9:45 this morning, while picking the last of the corn in the garden, I heard excited voices from what sounded like a nearby dirt road. I couldn’t understand them but the excitement was unmistakable. I grabbed my camera, pen and paper and jumped in the truck in search of successful hunters. I drove half […]

Glorious Slow Going: Maine Stories of Art, Adventure and Friendship

Elizabeth Peavey and Marguerite Robichaux will be at the Rangeley Library this Thursday, September 20, at 6:00 PM to give a book talk, slide show and book signing with their book, Glorious Slow Going: Maine Stories of Art, Adventure and Friendship, a collection of Peavey’s essays and Robicaux’s paintings of their adventures around Maine. Peavey […]

Little Brown Bat – Talmadge (Map 45)

My morning started with the aftermath of a raccoon killing one of my ducks and tipping over a trash can. I walked into the dining room at 4:50 am, not very bright in the house yet, and thought “that’s a big moth…little bat.” At least it was the bat that came in the screen I […]

Becoming an Outdoors Woman – Intro Skills Weekend

Becoming an Outdoors Woman will hold its Intro Skills Weekend in September. I took Map & Compass, Kayaking, Campfire Cuisine and Wild Edibles last year. This year I’m co-leading two workshops with Maine Guide Steve Vose and taking Intro to Fly Casting and Trip Planning & Packing. Any woman age 18 and up who is […]

Brown Recluse, or not?

This large spider has taken up residency in our back room window, which is generally never opened. My husband and I need someone to settle the bet! Is s/he a Brown Recluse? I think it has many of the characteristics of one, but my hubby doesn’t agree. This spider has grown, and has shed its […]

Have You Seen Bats?

I’ve been comparing notes on bats with a reader in Boothbay. We’ve each seen one bat this year. Have you noticed a decline in the bat population in your area? I normally see them catching bugs when I leave the porch light on and just above the surface of the pond. The bat I saw […]

Please Don’t Rescue The Fawns

If you find young wildlife you think needs to be rescued, please don’t take matters into your own hands. Please call for help.  To reach a game warden 24-hours a day, please contact the dispatch at the regional communication center nearest you at one of the numbers below. Regional Communication Center (Gray)  1-800-228-0857 Regional Communication […]