Maine Black Fly Report for June 9, 2013

It could mean that there are not any black flys left in the State of Maine.

Maine Black Fly Report for June 2, 2013

Black Fly Report for the 1st weekend in June 2013

Maine Black Fly Report for May 19, 2013

The second Black Fly Report for 2013.

Black Fly Report for Week Ending May 12, 2013

Once more the season is upon us, the first Black Fly Report of 2013

No Black Fly Reports

There are no new black fly reports. I have three dogs (or three dogs have me) that bring them into the house in their hair. The windows are usually crawling with black flies trying to get out. The dogs were outside most of the day yesterday (Monday) and brought in only one black fly. I […]

Black Fly Reports

Please leave your black fly reports in the comments section or send them to me at the reports email address.

Black Fly Report: Nothing to Report!

The only black fly report this week reports no black flies in Boothbay. The mosquitoes are a much bigger problem for me herein Talmadge. I’m not saying the season is over but it looks like an unusually quiet season might be winding down.

Black Fly Report, June 8

Let’s start the new report on a Friday since the weather has changed. The sun is out, it’s warmer and the wind died down. I expect the black flies to be terrible in areas where they are normally a problem. The wind off the ocean usually keeps them off the coast. If you’re inland, be […]

Black Fly Report May 29-June 7

Now that the sun is out, it’s warmer and the wind has died down I expect the black flies to be terrible in much of the state. I took the dogs out to run for 15-20 minutes. They came back in covered with black flies that are now climbing the windows to get out. Be […]

Black Fly Report: May 30-June 5, 2012

This is the current map, up to date as of June 5 @ 2:35 pm.