A New Owner for Maine Nature News

Hello Everyone, On August 1, 2006 I took over the publishing of Maine Nature News. Frank Whibey was preparing to retire. It was an honor to be trusted by Frank after a couple of phone conversations. A lot has changed in MNN’s format since then thanks to blogging software than makes the job much easier. […]

Robin’s Journal – Finally, The Frost

I went to a Landscaping for Wildlife workshop given by Lisa Kane of Maine Inland Fisheries & Wildlife a few weeks ago, and have an idea of what I’ll be planting for the birds. The garden will be approximately one-half acre.

Beavers – Waite (Map 45)

It was late Saturday afternoon. The sun was below the tree line and in spite of hunting for two hours, we hadn’t seen a partridge yet. We crested the rise and looked down at a mound of dirt blocking the road. On the other side, the road had washed out. Beavers flooded the area long ago. It wasn’t partridge to add to the bean pot but at least we saw something. We watched two large beavers for a few minutes before heading home.

A Young Bull Moose

Around 9:45 this morning, while picking the last of the corn in the garden, I heard excited voices from what sounded like a nearby dirt road. I couldn’t understand them but the excitement was unmistakable. I grabbed my camera, pen and paper and jumped in the truck in search of successful hunters. I drove half […]

Great Blue Heron

This great blue heron was determined to land at our pond yesterday morning and went for a swim. We have working farm dogs that keep crows, eagles and hawks from harming our poultry. They chased and barked at the heron as it circled the pond. It vocalized often, something I hadn’t heard. I put the […]

Robin’s Journal – A Dirt Road, a Mole and Moose

The sun was out yesterday morning. I swear I could hear the dirt roads calling. “Come out for a ride. You know you want to.” I filled the CamelBak with cold water and lime slices, got the bag of almonds to munch on and grabbed the camera. I went to Democrat Ridge first, discovered wet […]

Garter Snakes

This is one of four garter snakes that bask on big rocks at the end of a garden.

100 Maine Lakes

I’ve started following Amanda in her journey to paddle 100 of Maine’s biggest lakes on a Little Vessel. “Little Vessels are hand built, wooden standup paddle boards.” At first I thought she was kayaking and was impressed. I’m more impressed now that I know she’s going to be on a paddle board. I thought you […]

Book Review: Maine’s Favorite Birds by Jeffrey V. Wells & Allison Childs Wells

Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Childs Wells Illustrated by Evan Barbou Tilbury House Publishers Publication Date: May 1, 2012 Paperback, $15, ISBN 978-0-88448-336-6 6 x 9, 72 pages, 100+ color paintings Maine’s Favorite Birds by Jeffrey V. Wells and Allison Child Wells was written as a guide for beginner and intermediate birds as well those […]

Talmadge (Map 45) Canoes, a Kayak and Camping

Taylor, our youngest daughter, is an outdoors woman through and through. She’s home from Unity College (America’s Environmental College) where she double majors in Wildlife Biology and Biology for part of the summer, but is leaving next week for a six week internship. With little time to spare, she and her friends had their first […]