Weekly Notes – June 9, 2013

Cape May WarblerWhile out lobster fishing off of Kittery Point, Dma&g map 1, a half dozen of these little birds landed on the boat.  They were friendly even perching on the brim of our hats as we tried to get a picture.  It was thick fog and we were over 2 miles from shore.  We think that they were Cape May Warblers.  Submitted by the crew of the Jersey Girl.

Hairy Woodpecker at nestIt took me a bit to figure out that the constant nasally whistling noise I was hearing was coming from a hole about 20 feet up from the ground.  Both the female and male Hairy Woodpecker parents were busy keeping up with the demands of the family inside of this tree cavity.  Pictured is the male with a giant spider in it’s bill.

Moose at Soper PitThese moose were seen in Soper Pit along the edge of the Telos Road near Soubunge Mtn in T4 R11, Dma&g map 50.

Red-Tailed Hawk with woodchuckI observed this Red-tailed Hawk fly in and grab an unsuspecting young woodchuck.  The hawk held the small creature to the ground for a few minutes then flew to this perch on a dead log and began to feed.  Within a short time all that was left was the entrails.

The New Moon was on the 8th making this next week perfect for watching the Waxing Crescent in the west as it becomes larger each evening.

Click here for this week’s Black Fly Report….  If you look real careful at the picture below you can see a black fly swooping down to collect nectar from this violet.  As with mosquitoes, only the female insect relies on nutrition from blood, the males are pollinators.

Northern White Violets

Northern White Violets