Maine Black Fly Report for May 19, 2013

The black flies are coming, the black flies are coming!

As the black fly season moves along, we notice that a few more reports are coming in.  As the season progresses, people will send in more reports.  (It helps make the season a bit shorter you know!)

Due to the cooler weather they are being kept under control pretty well this season.  If you get out and stir things up it may bring a few more around to keep you occupied while you are outside.  Nothing like mowing the grass while it is damp on a warmer day to get them excited and hungry!

I did manage to entice a couple of bites today, it makes one know that spring really is here.  The ice that I had in my water bucket the other morning tells me that it is one of the things (cooler temps) that is keeping those pesky varmints at a lower level of activity.

A few more good bites and I will officially declare it SPRING!

So get ready for the “Black Fly Wave”, and if I see you in the yard waving, I will know that you are not just waving to me, cause you will have both arms going!

These reports are provided as a general condition of the black flies around the state.  The data is provided by individuals who email the current condition to me at  In your email tell me if they are light, moderate or severe and what town, city or township you are reporting for.  I will include your report in the next weeks report!

This weeks tip to help endure them a little better is to wash your hair with an unscented shampoo, it does help.  Stay tuned for next weeks tip!

T. H. Hermit