Wildlife Road Watch Volunteer Wildlife Biologist/Naturalist Needed

Wildlife Road Watch Volunteer Wildlife Biologist/Naturalist Needed

Posted on: Thursday, April 25th, 2013

A Volunteer Wildlife Biologist/Naturalist is needed to review Maine Audubon Wildlife Road Watch survey observations that volunteer citizen scientists have entered on the Wildlife Roadwatch project website. All records are reviewed initially for accuracy. This position is needed for a second review of observations with photographs for final species identification. This is a fun opportunity to learn about the wildlife seen along Maine’s roads across the entire state, hone your species identification skills, and contribute to information about wildlife movement and habitat fragmentation in Maine.

Skills needed:
• Must have familiarity with Maine wildlife species
• Must have good vertebrate species identification skills
• Mammal, amphibian, and reptile familiarity are most desirable
• Must be proficient with computers and Microsoft excel experience is helpful
• Good communication skills

Work and Requirements:
• Review records on a weekly basis year round
• Amount of time will vary based on time of year probably between 30 minutes to 2 hours per week with spring, summer and fall (April-September) being the busy time and very little activity during the winter months (December-early March)
• A commitment is needed through September 2013
• Work may be done at home with computer and internet access or at Maine Audubon
• Access to wildlife identification guides

Please submit a short description of your experience including the species and species groups you are most familiar with. Please describe your approach to species identification. Please also include your computer experience.

For more information and to submit your application please contact Barbara Charry, Maine Audubon Biologist/GIS Manager at bcharry@maineaudubon.org or (207) 781-2330 ext. 225.

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