Kennebec Land Trust’s 2013 Lyceum Series:

Kennebec Land Trust’s 2013 Lyceum Series:

Maine Mammals and

 Their Habitats

Co-sponsored by  Stantec


The Kennebec Land Trust is pleased to announce its eleventh Lyceum series, Maine Mammals and Their Habitats. Maine biologists and conservationists will be presenting informative, free, programs for the public this spring and summer. Leaders from The Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society will also be presenting Lyceum field trips in April and June. Please join us – all Lyceum events are open to the public. KLT’s annual spring programs are modeled after the early New England lyceums that began in 1826 in Massachusetts. For many years New England lyceums hosted lectures, debates, and concerts for public audiences. This Lyceum series is supported by Gloria, Lincoln, and Robert Ladd and is co-sponsored by Stantec. All programs are held at the Ladd Recreation Center, 26 Gott Road, Wayne (from Route 133 in Wayne, take Old Winthrop Rd south, Gott Rd is the first right). 


Thursday July 25, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m

Are bats offshore?

Steve Pelletier, Principal Scientist, Stantec, Forester and Wildlife Biologist, will provide an overview of common and rare bat species in Maine, bat life cycles, White Nose Syndrome, and  bat monitoring tools.


2013 Lyceum Field Programs

Thursday, June 6, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Bat Ecology

Location: KLT Hutchinson Pond Conservation Area, Manchester.

Aaron Svedlow and Trevor Peterson of The Maine Chapter of The Wildlife Society

invite you to come learn about bats. Join us on a brief field trip to learn about how bats

fit into the ecology of Maine’s forests, where bats go in the winter, and how they navigate

in the dark. Try your hand at recording bat calls using a “bat detector” to record

ultrasonic echolocation calls.

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