Monday, October 8, 2012 Windsor Maine (Map 13)

Monday October 8, 2012 Windsor Maine:

Frost yet? No, not here; not even a light one. So I am curious — looking through the archives of MNN I find that there have been other years, beginning in 1997 when this has happened (that’s the earliest archive).

In certain years, according to the archives, frosts and even snow appear much earlier so no frost at this late date is a bit unusual.

In the woods, over the last week, mosquitoes seem to be more prolific than usual and their bites still do itch. Leaf drop became much heavier this past week and the rains we have had lately don’t seem to be promoting the fast growth of weeds and grasses we experienced with earlier September precipitation. There are still an abundance of hornets, bumblebees and various types of flies actively performing their tasks during the day’s warmth.

I noticed a mention of snow in higher elevations this morning on the NOAA weather radio so I shall watch, with interest, for our first frost date. It might possibly be that our first frost will be a “killing frost” and that is somewhat unusual; but, for now, this autumn warmth continues with A.m. temperatures today in the 40 degree range. I’m not complaining about warmth, just observing.