Little Brown Bat – Talmadge (Map 45)

My morning started with the aftermath of a raccoon killing one of my ducks and tipping over a trash can. I walked into the dining room at 4:50 am, not very bright in the house yet, and thought “that’s a big moth…little bat.” At least it was the bat that came in the screen I forgot to close and not the raccoon.

First bat I’ve seen here this year.

A little brown bat was just hanging around the dining room this morning.



  1. I put an opaque pitcher over him, slid a file folder between its feet and the wall and he flew in. I kept the folder over the pitcher, stepped off the chair without killing myself and took it outside. It immediately flew into the eaves of the the sun porch. I see it, or a bat, every night now.

  2. How did you get rid of the bat?