Request: Where would you go?

I am hoping you could answer a couple of questions.
I am traveling with my two daughters, ages 11 and 14. We are from MA and would like to go North to Maine to see Moose and other wildlife in their natural habitat.
Can you tell me a good place to go? I looked online at Moosehead lake. Trip advisor has mixed reviews on the canoe/boat tours.
Also if you know of a place in Maine where we can see eagles and any other animals in their natural habitat, I would appreciate your input.
Thank you.


  1. While there is a small chance of seeing a moose in my area it is very possible to see numbers of eagles, loons, seals and porpoises. I offer a couple of trips that you might be interested in.
    Check them out at

  2. Hi Lori,

    My favorite place to see moose is Sandy Stream Pond in Baxter State Park. If you like to camp, I would camp at Roaring Brook and hike to the pond at sunrise. It’s a short hike, only 4/10 mile. We almost always seen deer at the pond.

    Just outside Baxter State Park, the Golden Road is a good place to see moose. You don’t have to drive very far to find water and moose.

    Good luck!